Learning by doing

On this page, I will write about different parts of programming that I need to learn or wish to become better at. I will address various topics, coding languages, and frameworks in no specific order. Also, I may add or remove topics at any time.

Oh, and another thing: This is just me fiddling around to learn these topics. I’m not a programming wizard or anything, but I do learn very well from diving into topics and formulate them in writing. So if I’m wrong in any way in what I write please point it out in the comments. But don’t expect me to answer quickly. I’m also a dad and a husband and that takes priority over this little project.

I hope in time to address the following topics


  • The basic components of Angular2+ (mostly 6)
    • Components
    • Services
    • Directives
    • Pipes
    • Interceptors
  • Angular CLI
  • Setting up and running an Angular environment
  • Folder and file structure
    • assets, themes, and environments
  • Unit Testing (and why it’s so important that you use it from the beginning)
  • Angulars Mock-utilities
  • Dependency Injection
  • Observables and RxJS
  • Bootstrapping
  • Forms (also dynamic forms)
  • Security
  • Animation
  • Standard events
  • Typings


  • How to set up a Java project
  • How to build and deploy a Java project
  • What are Gradle and Jenkins
  • Which files are important to Java: filestructure
  • Unit Testing in Java
  • What is a POJO

Software development

  • Software architecture: how to build software in a good way
  • Enums: what are they and why should I use them
  • May I GIT that for you
  • What is a WAS and how to deploy to it
  • What to do about IBM RTC


  • Code coverage
  • Good hotkeys to know
  • How to effectively use your IDE

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